REST IN PEACE TONY MAGGS ...... ( See Paragraph 2 ).


WOW, what a day!! How on earth can I summarise on one page, today's event?  With a temperature improvement of 21 degrees on last year, my usual 6.15 a.m arrival on site was certainly a lot easier to deal with! Our first car turned up at around 7.50 & 45 minutes after our official start time of 9 a.m ALL 3 car parks were FULL !...  & all the time the constant stream of classics kept coming into Romsey. With 3 guys managing the entrances, the other 2 of us scowered the car parks desperately looking for and trying to find spaces. We knew it had been crazy and that attendance was up but there was some 6 - 700 cars that morning and some 200 plus motornikes and that's one crazy amount of motors squeezed into 3 market town car parks! I didn' get to see half of the cars in attendance but Jeez, didn't we have a right eclectic mix of vehicles?!?! The variety of which was astounding, so a big thank you to each and everyone of you for making the effort to come to our little event!


I'd like to say sorry to anyone I couldn't get to chat with or started to chat with but then got sidelined due to so much going on. On a personal level, At 9 a.m a friend of mine of 30 years and of similar age stood in front of me riddled with cancer & told me he had 2 months to live & then, weak with the cancer, fell over right in front of me. Within 5 minutes of that heartbreaking news a couple, driving an X reg 1983 Mini launched into a personal attack on me for not letting them into our pre 1976 show (?) stating that I was prejudiced against Minis ( there were already 10 on site I think ! ). They pointed out other post 1976 vehicles were on site ( 2 had snuck in ) & then threatened to go to the press about me ( ?!!). I have to say that after hearing my friend's tragic news & already contemplating giving up this event due to this kind of abuse from non category / public car owners over the last 3 years,  Mr & Mrs X reg Mini I could have done without!  I asked if they'd paid to get in to this FREE event?  "No", I stated they were then complaining about a free event that their car was not eligible for??  Still they complained. I stated that if they were going to abuse me further it would cost a £5 donation to the charity for the abuse of my ears, they refused... I'm afraid I then told them to go forth and multiply... apologies to anyone present but this is the sort of crap we have to put up with sometimes ... when simply trying to put on a good show!


As a final note, I'd like to add that there has been a huge amount of lovely people that came up and praised us during the event & asked for us not to stop it, and those comments & similar kind hearted sentiments left here & on facebook have been just unbelievable. We do it for the love of it not for the thanks ....... BUT your kind words sure as hell go a long way in counterbalancing the abuse we have had too much of in recent years, so a HUGE thank you to each and everyone of you for those kind sentiments, they certainly mean a lot & have STOPPED me considering pulling out of the event...

                                                                         ... so I WILL see you same time, same place Boxing Day 2012   :-)      Thank You !