The weather Gods looked down upon us again this past Boxing Day - with flooding all around the UK, heavy rain for days before & after & heavy rain 10 minutes after the show ended, could we have been luckier you have to wonder ?? With more interest than ever in the show via email the weeks up to the event and all sorts of wonderful vehicles promised to be coming, I really feared what was looking to be another busy year, was going to actually be a washout. Unable to sleep I was on site at 5.45am setting things up and whilst damp, the rain kept holding off and my fears were soon allayed by the main car park being nearly full even before the start time of 9am ! From that point on cars & bikes just kept rolling in at a rapid rate.


For the previous two days I had been corresponding with celebrity chef, James Martin, who had written to me asking if he could bring some cars from his amazing collection, at just after 9am he rolled up in his stunning ex Le Mans 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB/C, followed closely behind by one of his Works Mini Coopers ( ex Monte Carlo & RAC rally car ), I could have stood and looked and listened at & to that Ferrari for ages but vehicles were flooding in, so after a brief chat with James ( very nice guy & very keen to share his car collection with fellow petrolheads ), I started a morning of running around car parks and getting in as many vehicles as possible.


From 10am most every space was taken and we were just trying to create spaces wherever we could without blocking others in ( a no no at our show ) and whilst we did sadly have to turn a few classics away to other nearby car parks, those people were easy going and understanding about it and simply parked up and walked over to the show. Once a few early birds started to leave we were then able to let nearly another show field  of vehicles in. More visual delights for the hundreds and hundreds of spectators that had also filled the 3 car parks.


Throughout the morn myself and my 4 ( yes just 5 of us ! ) brilliant Marshalls were often thanked and complimented on the event by happy vehicle owners and spectators alike & whilst we don't do it for thanks, it sure meant a lot to all of us and is so much nicer than some of the not so friendly trouble we've had ( from post 76 vehicle owners ) in past years. This just set the scene for a great morning and great atmosphere, we all just loved the buzz around the place. We don't get to see probably even 30% of the vehicles but seeing so many happy people catching up with each other and marvelling at all the machinery makes it enjoyable for us.


Whilst some early birds left around 11am, the show field was busier later than it normailly can be and yet more great vehicles turned up with one coming from leamington Spa !


Prior to the event lots of people took my lead on this site about requesting entry for "interesting" post 76 vehicles and kindly emailed saying they had a 79 this or an 86 that but unless it was a very rare and unusual vehicle, I had to say a polite no, which is never nice having to do  but I am sure  if they did still visit us in a "daily", that they would understand why we have to say no, when they witness the amazing amount of pre 76 vehicles this event pulls in, so thank you for that understanding guys, I appreciate it.


I start working ( alone ) on this event from June time usually, it's hours and hours of work and preparation and pretty much writes off Xmas for me but it's worth it when it goes as well as this year did and you see so many happy people. My Marshalls join me in the early hours of Boxing Day and do a great job and without them there would be no show, so a big pat on the back for those guys please.


As you can see from above, the charity collection did real well again and currently stands at £2181.64 , so thank you all for being so generous  ................... maybe we'll see you same time, same place, Boxing Day 2013 ?