The weather Gods were on our side yet again this Boxing Day when, for the 2nd year running, the South of England had been battling high winds, rain and floods either side of Boxing Day, yet this one small window appeared bringing us a frosty and beautiful sunny morning! With the outlook being so good, cars and bikes started arriving VERY early, with one car park nearly full well before the official start time and myself and the other five Marshalls were soon directing cars and bikes into the other two car parks.


By 10am, with the whole area littered with classic vehicles, not a space could be found anywhere on site and we sadly had to start directing incoming classics to the town square, public car parks or to do a loop or two of the town as some of the early arrivals might soon be beginning to leave, making spaces available. Something we hadn't bargained for was the sheer number of spectators that had come to view the meet, which for a short period made it difficult for us to let cars into car parks simply because the crowds were so big !


Once again the three car parks were full of the most eclectic mix of vehicles you could ever wish to see and smiling faces created a happy vibe as petrol heads and spectators mingled and marvelled at the stunning, the often rare and sometimes inventive vehicles in front of them. With vehicles coming from as far away as Northampton, London, Guildford, Poole, Chichester etc. this year once again surpassed previous years in numbers of vehicles, with "guesstimates" ranging from 600 to maybe 700 upward of cars and some 200 motorbikes with the town centre and town centre car parks also littered with qualifying classic vehicles and later model classic vehicles.


Rarities this year included a 1909 Paterson, a 1949 Allard, a Panhard Dyna Z, not one but two rare Lancia Flavias etc etc etc the list is endless. A great sight was a standard 1948 Plymouth parked directly next to a customised 1948 Plymouth, 3 great classic tractors and a stunning array of classic British motorbikes alongside the usual colourful groups of Mods on their scooters. Often heard comments were that people had never seen Romsey so busy and that nowhere else had people seen such a stunning and mixed bag of classic vehicles, even in the summer, yet alone mid-winter! Who'd have thought that Romsey could be classic vehicle central in December!


2013's Boxing Day meet was a resounding success not just in quantity and quality of vehicles

though but was also successful regards a terrific increase to our collection for the

                                      PROSTATE CANCER CHARITY,

with the total (including "JustGiving" donations) currently standing at an amazing

                                                  £3212.23 !!!


A HUGE thank you to each and every one of you that came along in or on a classic vehicle,

to all you spectators and to all those that kindly donated to the PROSTATE CANCER UK tins.


This show was dedicated to the memory of my wonderful Mum, Pam Biddlecombe, whom we

lost to Cancer this past September... I do believe we did her very proud.

                                                        Thank you.























maybe we'll see you same time, same place, Boxing Day 2013 ?      






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