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Well folks, on this day last year I was pleased to announce that we had raised £3879.78 for PROSTATE CANCER UK. This year, not only was the collection larger on the day but I have had an amazing £500 or so in donations from my customers both before & after the event & am pleased to say that we have smashed last year's figure & were dangerously close to the £5000 mark today as I close the collection, I have made up the difference & rounded the collection off to that magical £5000 figure.


THANK YOU to each & everyone of you that gave so generously to the 30 tins we had out on site, I really am very, very grateful. You may recall that I dedicated this year's show to Stuart Thompson, a customer & friend of mine for some years & a frequent attendee of the event in the TR4 he shared with his brother Adrian. Stuart died just recently of advanced Prostate Cancer & I do believe we have done Stuart Thompson proud with this collection total.


Thank you to all who attended in or on vehicles or as spectators, it was a hell of a day, the quality of vehicles & the numbers were just astounding, I just wish we had more space because it is horrible turning away so, so many eligible vehicles. For an hour we had no room whatsoever & turned away some 100 plus eligible cars BUT it was good to see, through your pictures folks, that so many of those cars still parked up elsewhere in the town & in the square etc & hence still played a part in the event & gave spectators & fellow vehicle owners yet more to look at ! I know most of those vehicle owners that we had to turn away, still came on site & they will have then seen the sheer volumes we had got in & hopefully understood why they were sadly turned away.


A sorry to those eligible vehicles owners that we had to turn away, we HATE to do it but thank you to those that parked elsewhere in the town & made the event even more spectacular for spectators. Thank you to those IN-eligible vehicle owners that took the refusal of entry well. VERY few ineligible car owners tried to enter but still hundreds of modern sports bikes were trying to gain entry to a PRE 76 meet?? ... I just don't get it, nor do I know how to make it even clearer than I already have over the years :-/ Guys our audience & attendees have zero interest in your 55 plate Kwakker & your 65 plate Harley etc etc etc. We wholeheartedly welcome you to come along & visit the event but PLEASE use a public car park instead of trying to enter our gates & causing the traffic to back up, whilst we have to, yet again, explain the rules of entry. Also PLEASE don't ignore our "STRICTLY NO PARKING, RESIDENTS ONLY" signs like many motorcyclists did this year, causing me major problems with some understandably angry residents who couldn't get out of their flats or into their parking spaces!


A HUGE thank you to Gary Pile, Simon Coakley, Christopher Jones, Keith Withers & Richard Biggs, the 5 brilliant Marshals who give up part of their Xmas to help me & without them doing that there would be no event, THANKS guys. Thank you also to David Searle who kindly got stuck in with helping us out when we were really under pressure & who also volunteered to help next year! An equally huge thank you to my cousin Matthew Rogers of 1stDesignCompany who was also on site at 5am in the morning & who transfers all the barriers & cones etc for me each year & whose help is invaluable! THANK YOU to all those local residents that at my request, via here or polite notices on their windscreens, kindly vacated their usual car parking spaces to help us get more cars into the event, THANK YOU all very much!!!  Sorry to those locally that we do inconvenience for those short 7 or so hours out of a year, we do go to great lengths with signage etc to avoid locals being inconvenienced. To George of G&J catering who has supported us from that first quiet event in 2002 to present day & each year supplies great bacon butties etc to all our visitors AND who always contributes MASSIVELY to the charity, a HUGE thank you.


I'm pleased to say that all Marshals commented on the lesser amount of abuse this year ... we all got some but noticeably less, which I think is likely  because as each year passes, people I think finally understand the event & it's need for year classifications....


Thank you all for creating such a great day,


Steve B


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